The volume of requests we receive asking transfer questions has necessitated that we automate the process. We prefer to treat our customers like adults and assume a certain minimum level of intelligence. To that end, we have created this system to streamline the transfer process.  Answers to your transfer questions can be found by reading below. If your situation is unique and not specifically addressed below, you may send us the details via email to  and we will do our best to answer in a timely manner.  Nothing in this policy shall supersede state and/or federal law.



Any time the firearm is SHIPPED to us, it is a dealer transfer, regardless of who shipped it, or where the shipment originated. It is NOT a private party transfer, even if a private party (non-FFL) shipped the gun. We will accept shipments from private parties (non-FFL) as long as they submit the proper documentation (required by law).


A private party transfer occurs when BOTH the buyer and the seller are in the physical presence of the transferring FFL (that means they both physically came in to the store), and BOTH are CA residents, and BOTH have valid CA identification. If any other criteria exist, the transaction is by default a dealer transfer, not a private party transfer, and is therefore subject to the rules & fees of a dealer transfer (see A. above).


    1.    For long guns, the firearm MUST be CA-compliant BEFORE it arrives here. We are NOT allowed to convert your firearm to CA-compliance after it arrives.  Consult the CA Assault Weapon rules if you are not sure of the gun’s legality. You may contact us via email (or our website contact page) with the details of the gun and we will do our best to advise you regarding its status.

    2.    We can receive standard capacity (over 10 rounds) magazines for law enforcement customers only. We cannot transfer standard capacity (over 10 rounds) magazines to civilian customers. We can only transfer low capacity (10 rounds or less) magazines to civilian customers.

    3.    For handguns, they MUST be listed on the California “Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale”, unless you are exempt. To search a list of those handguns, go to this link: .  If you order a non-Roster handgun for transfer and have it shipped to us, and you are not exempt, you will be charged a $50 handling fee plus shipping costs to send it back. This fee is separate from any and all costs levied by the original seller for return of the gun to them and it must be paid to us before we will return the gun to the shipper.

    4.       There are generally four exceptions to the Handgun Roster. They are:

                A.  Law Enforcement (active duty, sworn LE are exempt from the Roster)

                B.  Private Party Transfer (the Roster does not apply to PPTs; see B       above)

                C.  Personal Importer (someone moving to CA from another state, within 30 days of arrival)

                D.  Interstate Interafamilial Transfer (submit all questions about this type of transfer via email or on our contact page. We will do our best to answer them in a timely manner).


To transfer a firearm through us, you must follow these simple steps. Deviation from them causes us to spend more time than necessary and will result in delays, or worse, the possibility of us ignoring your request. The high volume of transfer requests we receive every day necessitates this policy, and without it, it becomes impossible to manage the volume of transfers efficiently and provide the excellent service to which our customers have become accustomed.

After you make your purchase, you must send us an email to containing the following four items:

    1.    Your Name

    2.    A description of the gun, AND if available/applicable, your order number for reference.

    3.    Your seller’s email address, NOT their fax number (we do NOT fax anything).

    4.    Your seller’s FFL status (Are they a federal firearms licensee or private party)

After we receive your email, we will contact your seller directly to transmit the required documentation and arrange for shipment of the gun. We WILL NOT call you when your gun arrives. YOU must watch the tracking (provided to you by your seller) and after your gun arrives, call the store (605-GUNS) to find out a good time to fill out your DROS paperwork and pay your fees. It’s best to make an appointment, we cannot start your DROS unless the gun has arrived.


Your transfer transaction will consist of three fees. They are the transfer fee, the DROS fee, and sales tax (unless exempt or already paid, and documentation is provided).

The fee amounts are listed below:

Dealer Transfer Fee (civilian) - $50

Dealer Transfer Fee (active duty law enforcement or military) - $35

Private Party Transfer Fee - $10 (per CA law)

DROS (Dealer Record of Sale/background check) - $25

SALES TAX – 7.5% We are required by the CA BOE to collect sales tax on all transfer guns shipped by dealers from outside California, unless the seller already charged sales tax AND sends documentation to that effect. If the seller does not send a receipt showing sales tax paid, we will charge sales tax on the MSRP of the gun. Do not ask us to risk our business by defrauding the state of California of tax revenue that is due by law, because you do not want to pay the sales tax.

We conduct PPTs during normal business hours: 10 AM – 5 PM on Tuesday – Saturday.  


We ONLY ship to FFL’s inside the United States.  We charge the Dealer Transfer fee outlined above and shipping/handling costs plus postal insurance due at the time you drop the firearm off.  For a quote, email us at